There’s nothing better than flinging your feet out of bed in the morning to have them caught by soft, luxurious carpet. Paving your home with carpet is a simple way to build a cozy, welcoming atmosphere. New Trend Northern Rivers offer a range of wool and synthetic carpet varieties to meet your budget, match your interior and take your environment to the upper echelon. 


New Trend Northern Rivers are well versed in the supply and installation of high-quality carpeting. Designed as a one-stop-shop, New Trend is devoted to streamlining the process of floor covering renovation for our clients. We offer free in-home measure/quote and are more than happy to share our wealth of expert advice with our customers. From start-to-finish, you can trust you’re in good hands with the New Trend Northern Rivers team. 

Choose from the following styles of tufted carpet:

Loop Pile

As the name suggests, Loop Pile is given its name from the looping action of the material during its construction. This construction process builds an end-product that is highly durable, holds its form against heavy weight (such as foot traffic and furniture) and when cared for properly, will provide high levels of longevity. One of the best things about Loop Pile is the incredible array of looks to chose from. New Trend Northern Rivers is proud to offer Level Loop Carpet, Textured Loop Carpet, Sisal Loop Carpet, Cord Loop Carpet and Multilevel Loop Carpet. 


Cut Pile (Plush)

Plush Cut Pile is made from dense, twisted materials that have had the tops of the loops evenly sliced off, to create a finish akin to the texture of velvet. Luxurious in every way, Plush Loop Pile can make any space into a cosy oasis. 


Cut Pile (Twist)

Twist Cut Pile is similar to Plush Cut Pile in that both carpets have the top of the loops removed to create an even, level surface. However, Twist Cut Pile employs a process that sees its yarn be twisted and taut to create an appearance that is textured and a surface that is highly durable and resistant to damage like water marking and pile turnover.  


Cut and Loop

This carpet style is a marriage of both Cut Pile and Loop Pile. By using both methods of carpet construction, the resultant product is a carpet that is soft, contemporary and highly durable – making it not only ideal for residential use, but commercial use too.


Naturally beautiful, renewable and environmentally-friendly, New Trend Northern Rivers’ have a range of Wool & Wool Blend carpets that don’t only look stunning in the home, but have a wealth of other benefits, that will see you loving your Wool Carpet long into the future: 



Hypoallergenic properties mean that your Wool Carpet not only resists invasions of mould and mildew, but also naturally traps allergens, removing them from the air and allowing you to breathe comfortably 


Stain resistent

Resistant to stains, Wool absorbs liquid slowly. This means that it is easy to clean when life’s little accidents do occur. Durable. Wool’s fibres are sturdy and will bring you joy for many years to come 



Wool’s fibres are sturdy and will bring you joy for many years to come



Wool absorbs sound to keep the noise from footsteps to a minimum. No more having to creep around in socks to avoid waking up the family!



Temperature Control. A natural insulator, Wool Carpets keep the air cooler in Summer and Warmer in Winter 


Low flammability

Wool Carpet won’t readily melt or burn when exposed to heat or flames 


Solution Dyed Nylon | Polypropylene | Polyester

New Trend Northern Rivers offers a range of synthetic carpets including Solution Dyed Nylon, Polypropylene and Polyester. Each of these synthetic carpet solutions have been manufactured with a focus on durability, high stain resistance and a commitment to affordability. With Synthetic Carpet, you can truly tailor your interior from the ceiling to floor, building the space you always dreamed of.  


If you have any questions about New Trend Northern Rivers’ Wool or Synthetic carpet solutions, reach out to us today. We would love to show you exactly how you can optimise your space with affordable, high-quality carpet. 


For any inquiries, questions or recommendations, please call: 0427 195 743 or fill out our online form

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